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Matt 28:41 Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.


Realizing our weakness is never easy, and this scripture hints at the realization Christ had of his own mortal weakness in this, the most important act of His life. Realizing the limits of our own body can be difficult, especially when you know that the fight isn’t over and you have more work to accomplish. Christ lovingly encourages Himself (and us) to take a moment of pause, observe, and take those observations to our Father in Heaven. He takes heart that his spirit is powerful and keeps at it.

So many times we wish to be more powerful or push ourselves to the breaking point. What would happen if instead we turned to our Heavenly Father and sought His aid and direction? Would a new perspective give added strength? Maybe the realization that we don’t have to shoulder our trials alone will give us the reprieve we need. I know that I have had clarity come to mind as I’ve involved God in my life and things have worked out in seemingly ‘impossible’ ways because I’ve sought Him. As we willingly come before the Father in times of temptation, trial or weakness; He will be there. He will provide in a higher and holier way than we can imagine.

The Flesh is Weak

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